Good morning everyone!  I am switching back to MobyMax for this week's assignment.  Login through Clever as you have before, and you should see a new assignment to review Solutions, Acids and Bases.  Have a great day!

4/28/2020: Quarter 4 Update 
Hello everyone! Now that 3rd quarter grades have been posted, I wanted to let you know what was happening for the remainder of the year.  As I said, Quarter 3 grades have posted, so I can not change what you will see on this report card.  However, there are still 6 weeks before final grades for the year are determined, and final report cards are sent out.  As they have been since school let out, all new assignments are optional.  However, I do have the option of replacing missing or low grades from earlier in the year with the work that students do now.  It's a student's dream - grades can only go up!  So, as you continue to do the assignments, your end of the year grade should improve.  

This week I have again posted the assignment on Teams.  Just click on the assignment posted there and follow the instructions.  The county has required us to start implementing Canvas by May 4, and so next week's assignment will be posted in both places.  Please take the time to get familiar with Canvas - the county has decided on this as our official distance learning platform.  If a resurgence of COVID-19 occurs in the fall/winter as predicted, or if any other unexpected circumstances necessitate distance learning in the future, this is the interface the county will be using.  If you get used to it now, it will be easier to jump back into if necessary.

As always, stay safe and let me know how I can help. 

I have added some new lessons to Mobymax for continuing Science review.  All students should be able to log in through Clever.  I will be available for questions in Teams during the scheduled Science hours on Wednesday from 10 - 11:30.   Also, If you plan on retaking the Unit 5 test, please make sure you have finished it by the end of the day Thursday so that I can close and grade the retests. Quarter grades must be finalized on Friday, so all makeup work must be completed on Thursday.
Posted by ballh  On Apr 21, 2020 at 11:33 PM
As you may have heard, Prince William County Schools and Rippon will be participating in ongoing efforts to offer educational opportunities to students for the remainder of the scheduled school year.  The purpose of these opportunities is not to teach new curriculum, but to practice and improve understanding of the SOL standards that have been taught so far this year.  We will also give students the opportunity to improve their grades through this additional practice. Rippon staff has recently collaborated on a weekly schedule to help facilitate homebound learning; you may have received the schedule already.  The 8th grade Science team is scheduled to provide instructional time on Wednesdays from 10:30 - 11:00, and office hours on Thursdays from 1:30 - 3:00.  As a team, 8th grade Science has decided that we will provide "asynchronous" learning opportunities, so that students can have more freedom to participate on a schedule that works for them and their families.  We recognize that different families will have different constraints on their time and resources, and so we feel this will help make the assignments more accessible to more students.  Each Wednesday by 10:30am, students will be provided with an activity designed to review the standards that out 8th grade Science team believes warrants some additional practice.  These activities will be posted and linked through Office365 under the "Teams" app.  Students should be familiar with Teams, and they are already enrolled in a Team for our class.  During the official Wednesday instructional time and Thursday office hours, I will be immediately available through the Teams chatroom for questions and help, but the activity can be completed as time allows.  Other times of the week, I will continue to be available through email.  Also, the online textbook remains a great resource for additional understanding. As an extra incentive, the activities provided will be used as makeup work to replace either NHIs or low scores on previous Formative assignments.  In addition, the Unit 5 retest is still available.  I apologize if you emailed me recently and I did not respond directly.  We have been having a number of conversations about what the countywide expectations were, how they were to be implemented at Rippon, and what our 8th grade Science team thought was best for our subject.  I did not want to respond until I knew exactly how the remainder of the year was to proceed.  As always, please let me know if you have any questions.
Posted by ballh  On Apr 14, 2020 at 9:35 PM
I believe that I have sorted out the issues with signing up for the online textbook.  I have created a username and password for each student.  The Username for each student is their 6-digit permanent ID (your lunch number).  The Password is Ball1920, followed by the first two letters of your first name (not nickname), and your last initial.  For example: for me, Heidi Ball, my password would be Ball1920HeB.  Students with two last names will use both of those initials.  For example:  if my name were Karen Lopez-Flores, my password would be Ball1920KaLF.   After signing on with your lunch number and password, you will still need to enter the class codes to join the correct class.   For Core 1: 3774A4B4D99F84B5C8E2 For Core 2: FD84E8185F27D200D1E4 Core 3: D046D6B21E0D6CB63E26 Core 4: 6714EF27705413C7D82D As I said before, you can use the book to study for the Unit 5 retests, as well as to review the sound wave concepts we covered just before school let out.   Have a great day and stay safe!
Posted by ballh  On Apr 01, 2020 at 1:32 PM
Good morning! In the "Files and documents" folder (link to the left of this post) I have uploaded instructions for students who would like to retake the most recent test - Unit 5.  There were three sections to the test, and you may take any or all that you wish.  Parents, this is the testing format that we have been using all year in the class room, so your student should be familiar with how to log in the the testing site and find their test.  Please make sure that you are using the instructions for your class - as students are aware, the codes are specific to each class, and you will not see your name on the dropdown list if you are using the wrong class's code. I have also posted Instructions for accessing the online textbook in the "Files and Documents" link at left.  Please create an account using the access code for your class, I anticipate using the textbook to facilitate online learning later on.  This is also a great resource to use to study for the Unit 5 retest, as well as to review the Sound waves content we had started working on.  Chapters 9, 10 and 11 were covered on the Unit 5 test.   I will leave the retests live until April 15, two days before the current end of the 3rd quarter grading period.  This means I will not be able to score retests and revise grades in the HUB until then, as they must be closed all at once.
Posted by ballh  On Mar 26, 2020 at 9:03 AM 1 Comment
Good day everyone!  As Prince William county prepares to continue teaching our curriculum using online resources, we have been asked to post some resources to help students review content that we went over just before school closed.  To that end I have uploaded the sound energy powerpoint that we discussed in class to the documents section of this webpage.  I have also uploaded an optional practice assignment that students may use to maintain their understanding of sound waves.  This is optional and will not be graded.  Students can also use the sound wave simulation at https://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/legacy/sound to view how things like volume and pitch affect what a sound wave looks like. Later this week I will also be posting instructions on retaking the previous unit test (Motion, Newton's Laws, Force, Work, Power), as well as how to access the online version of the textbook.   At this time we have been instructed not to assign anything new, only to support any review or assignments that were given before the building was closed.
Posted by ballh  On Mar 24, 2020 at 6:38 PM