Although PWCS is unable to provide instruction or class assignments to students while schools remain closed, our School Division hopes that the suggestions for optional learning activities posted here will help parents support student learning until schools re-open. Please remember that use of these materials and participation in these activities are optional and neither grades nor course credit will be awarded.

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 Important Updates
 May 26-May 29 This week we focused on the art of revision. Students had the opportunity to receive feedback on their statement pieces and explore revision. We focused mainly on voice. Students explored what other students do and think about in the revision stage of writing. This work covered standard  8.8l) Revise writing for clarity of content, word choice, sentence variety, and transitions among paragraphs.

May 18-May 22

This week we continue our work on our "Statement Piece". This piece was modeled after the world-renowned "This I Believe" essay. In 500-600 words, students were able to share something important about themselves be it a story, a memory, information about something they are passionate about.  This all lines up perfectly with SOL standard 8.7k)Develop and modify the central idea, tone, and voice to fit the audience and purpose. It also reviews 8.8f)Use quotation marks with dialogue and direct quotations.After this week, we will move on to revision practice and reading like a writer--a practice we began earlier in the year.


Mrs. Miller-Yoho's Office Hours

  Per our new online learning schedule, Office Hours are established for teachers to provide instructional support for students weekly. These Office Hours will take place on Tuesdays from 12:00-1:30 PM. Additionally, Mrs. Miller-Yoho will be available during school hours to answer emails, grade (older assignments only), and provide assistance as is possible. Emails will be responded to during school hours within 24 hours of receiving them. Please refer to the  Files and Documents page for any documents you may need. If you have searched in both of these places and still cannot find what you are looking for, please email.