Reminder from PWCS
"Although PWCS is unable to provide instruction or class assignments to students while schools remain closed, our School Division hopes that the suggestions for optional learning activities posted here will help parents support student learning until schools re-open. Please remember that use of these materials and participation in these activities are optional and neither grades nor course credit will be awarded."


Greetings favorite students and parents!

I am thinking of you, and yours in this unique time. Of all the students that I have taught, I am sure that YOU can do this!
I want to remind all parents and students, at this time, all new work is optional.
What does that mean to you?  If you do it, I will gladly grade it and REPLACE any grade currently in the grade book (this semester runs through April 24th now).  You can literally do as much work as you like, to have the grade you want!
Schedule of Continued Learning

                                    Formative Assignment  Summative Assignment
 Monday- April 27 to May 8

 All content has been moved to Canvas.  You can login to Canvas through your clever account. 

All assignments should be turned in through Canvas

Poetry Unit - Each item not marked as Summative, is a formative assignment - there are 14 choices. 
 Poetry Unit
There are three choices for Summative in the Poetry Unit, please login to Canvas to see and submit. 
 Monday, March 23rd  Fake News -  Flocabulary  
Find and example of Fake News on social media.  Take a screen shot, or copy and paste the text and where it came from.  With this screen shot send me the following answers:
1) What is the source of this news?
2) What clues told you that it was unreliable?
3) Where would you go to find a more credible source for the same information?
4) How many people do you think would be fooled by this news?
 Tuesday, March 24th Choose an online article. Read it and write a 5 word summary.  (Also attach a link to the article).

The Vital signs website is not working... so no Summative today.

 Wednesday, March 25th  Quiz - Langston Hughes "Harlem"
Watch the video for Langston Hughes "Harlem" @
 Write a minimum of 8 line poem about a dream of yours that has been deferred due to the corona virus.
 Thursday, March 26th
 Have you ever noticed that even though you spend a lot of time with someone, you may not really know them? 
For today's assignment you are going to be preparing questions to interview someone.
Focus on one specific time period, or event in the person's life that you are going to interview then.
1) Watch
2) Make a list of 10 questions to ask. 

Take the 10 questions that you made and interview the person that you prepared them for. 
Report out in a unique way.  It could be a picture, video, a paragraph summary, or comic - be creative  
 Friday, March 27th
Choose a topic that people have very different views about:  In a paragraph (one for each), summarize the two sides of the argument. 
 For each side of the argument look at two websites.  For each decide how the website favors their own argument (look for the bias) in each website.  List the four websites and the bias that you were able to discover in each. 
 Week 2 Formative Summative
 Monday, March 30th  Writing Prompt: High socks or low socks - which is best and why?  
In honor of crazy sock day: Create a poem, rap, song, or comic about your crazy socks.
 Tuesday, March 31th Writing Prompt: Today is Pajama Day - Do you think that students and teachers should be allowed to wear PJs every day?  Why or why not? 
We are going to try a new program, that some of you might have used before.  It is called Myon.  You will get into the program by going to Clever @

Here is a guide for how it works.

For today, you will be taking the diagnostic test.  Please email or text me when you are done, so I know you have gotten it finished.  TY 
 Wednesday, April 1st   
The best prank my students ever pulled happened my first year teaching.  I entered my classroom to see all of my desks turned around the wrong way, so all the students were looking out the window, instead of at me.  In honor of April Fool's Day .. prompt: What is the best prank you have ever pulled of?  How did you plan it? What was the reaction. 
 No summative today
 Thursday, April 2nd  
Kwame Alexander - a local poet made a compilation of poems that the community wrote in response to two pieces of art. The article is here to listen or read.
After you have read or listened - summarize with a 5 word summary.
After you have read Kwame Alexander's "Social Distance" poem.  Construct a poem of your own that responds to a piece or art.  This type of poem is called ekphrastic poetry.  Be sure to include a link or a copy of the art work you are responding to. 
 Tuesday, April 14th  
Choose one of the following: Answer in complete, grammatically correct paragraph.  Please indicate your selection number with answer.
1) If you were a spy, what skills would you need to be good at your job?
2) Who is your favorite spy? Tell me about them.
3) Finish the story.  I had been given a task....
In the files section is a document called spywords.  Using this document, choose 10 words and write a sentence for each demonstrating that you understand the meaning of the word.  
Wednesday, April 15th  No Formative Today  
Choose 2 articles or a book that you would like to read about spies. (No watching Hunters does not count - but researching if the things in the show are real, does).  
After spending at least 30 minutes reading - summarize what you have read by doing one of the following:
a) draw a comic
b) 5 sentence or more paragraph summary
c) write a poem outlining the attributes of the spy or spies you learned about

There are book suggestions in files and ebook is a guide to places and ways to get free ebooks.
 Thursday, April 16th  Login to Canvas and send me a screen shot - or through Google Classroom
The county has bought a new LMS for us to use.  It is called Canvas.  Because it seems that they are going to keep this around, and you are most likely going to see this again in high school - it is important that you get an understanding of this platform.
- For today's assignment, login to Canvas and complete the orientation and quiz that Mrs. Tersigni made for us. (You can login to Canvas through Clever).
 Friday, April 17th  No Formative today
Open the document in files called "top secret".  After reading it, take the two quizzes and send me the answers via email, or Google Classroom.  
   Formative Summative 
 Monday, April 20th  No Formative today  The Heist Story and summary in Canvas
 Tuesday, April 21st The line-up in Canvas  The suspect list in Canvas 
 Wednesday, April 22nd No formative Today   File Charges - In Canvas
 Thursday, April 23rd  No Formative  Join us for the virtual field trip to the National Spy Museum at 3pm

Meeting ID:980-2639-9760


 Friday, April 24th  No formative today Black Out Poems on Canvas or Google Classroom 



What this will look like in the ParentVue?

As assignments are graded for grade replacement they will be entered into ParentVue.  The old grade will disappear and the new grade will appear in its place.

Where will assignments appear?

As assignments are added, they will be put on both the Rippon site and Google Classroom.

I need help with the assignment. What should I do?

Help will be given Monday through Friday 9PM-3PM.  Questions can be sent via email to .

What standards have we covered this year?

In the file called "Files and Documents" there is a file called "requests" that has an overview of this year. 

Where can I find more things to review?
Under the review tab is a large document that list all the standards and review items for each one. 

How do I turn in work?
All work done in Nearpod, Flocabulary, and Study Island instantly turns in.  If it is done within a week of assignment it will be graded automatically (after a week you need to screen shot and send).  Work done in Google Classroom can be attached and submitted, email or screen shot to text also acceptable. 

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