Hello, my name is Alec Yutzler and I am a special educator here at Rippon Middle School.  This year I am working within the content area of language arts in the seventh grade. I love teaching and it has always been a passion of mine.  Prior to coming to Rippon Middle School, I attended Radford University where I graduated with a Master’s degree in Special Education. As a special educator, I believe that it is important to individualize and differentiate the learning for all individuals to be successful within the classroom.  I collaborate often with general educators and other educators to ensure that all students are being given classroom instruction that will lead to their success. My goal for my students is that they will be lifelong learners, with me acting as a model, as I continually learn and develop throughout my teaching.  I will always assume competence and focus on a student’s strengths with all learners. If you ever need to contact me feel free to email me at yutzlean@pwcs.edu or by calling (703) 491-2171.


Optional Digital Learning Resources for Parents Related to Literacy

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