Cumulative Science Review 

At the end of the year, we will be taking a cumulative test that addresses all the content we have covered this school year. While we are out of school for the next month, rather than have you learn new material on your own, I'd like to encourage you all to check out  CK-12 to review old concepts.

Assignments will be added weekly, thus giving you a week to review, view videos, and submit answers for each topic.

Completed practice quizzes could earn you BONUS points towards activities in class! Be sure to enter the assigned code to your core.

Class codes below:
Core 1 - 8rcq6
Core 2 - k0s7q
Core 3 - m2bx8
Core 4 - csju1

CK 12

Science text also available in Spanish!
ESOL class code - sypx0

Animal Phyla Videos


Mollusk: (login to brainpop with your Office 365 login) (overview of three main types of mollusks) (slide show of examples)

Porifera (Sponges pumping dye/water) (video with narration describing sponges)

Cnidaria (slide show of examples) (sea anemone eating)

Platyhelmintha (planaria) (marine flatworm swimming) (pork tape worm)

Annelida: (modern use of leeches in surgery) (video showing how earthworms move)

Chordata: (Chordates We're All Family...connection to evolutionary relationships..over 15 min long)

                  Math/Science Heredity Enrichment Links

Directions: Click on the links below to access the station activities.
Gizmo Link & Class Codes
Click here to launch Gizmo!
*Your login and password should be the same as your school login/password.*

Class Codes:

Core 1 - 
Core 2 - TTW53TBBGM

Should you need help reference the Gizmo PowerPoint (below).

Understanding Dichotomous Keys