Rippon Middle School Math and Science Specialty Program

2023 Science Symposium Winners

Thank you to everyone who participatated in the Science Fair and Invention Convention this year.  All students who placed first or second in their category will represent Rippon Middle School at the Regional Science Fair in March.  


Science Symposium Winners



The Mathematics and Science Program is offered to qualified sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students at Rippon Middle School.  The program provides students the opportunity to become engaged in an intensive program of study in mathematics and science.  Students in this program are challenged and motivated to develop their critical thinking skills through discovery and exploration.  Transportation is provided for transfer students.

Vision Statement

The Mathematics and Science Specialty Program at Rippon Middle School will offer students with an active interest in mathematics and science an opportunity to engage in a challenging, integrated program of study.  The specialty program will focus on mathematics and science within the context of a comprehensive, standards based middle school program.  This unique program will challenge and motivate students to develop and apply critical thinking skills through exploration and discovery in an environment of problem based learning.


Mathematics & Science Coordinators:

Carmela Bertrand & Sharon Bicey

Upcoming Events:


The last day to apply to the Mathematics and Science Program is Wednesday February 1, 2023.

Students and parents interested in applying to the Mathematics and Science Program for the 2023-2024 school year should use the link below to access the application.

For more information about the Math and Science Program, view the presentation from the Information Night.