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Greetings all 8th grade Advanced Choir Singers!      We are entering a busy time of year, which I'm sure you all felt with our last rehearsal.  Some things I need you to know about:     Firstly, Busch Gardens.  I really want to take you all this year to this very memorable experience.  We will need a valid ensemble to attend as this is performance based.  Unfortunately, our company has changed how they do things.  They now require 4 separate payments from us.  To adhere to this, the Rippon Music Department needs you to turn in your first $25 fee by Wednesday, 11/09.  We then in turn mail this directly to the company to reserve your spot for the trip. I will try to upload the letter that went home as I am done with this missive.  Yes, this is 2 days from now.  I reminded my students last Thursday about this fee.  I see you next this Thursday.     Concerts: we have been invited to perform at Rippon Landing's holiday tree lighting 12/08.  Yes, this is a Saturday.  I am working out details, but we would need everyone to attend.  We will be performing music from our concert (think of it as a dry run, pending accompaniment) as well as a few carols.  If for religious reasons you are not comfortable performing carols, you may step out of the ensemble for those songs.  I need to call and confirm with them and we need to have a firm commitment by 11/16 so I can let them know.  This gives us 2 class periods to solidify commitment.     Uniforms: for our 6-8 choral concert on 12/08, we will be performing in our Rippon Music Department Polo and black dress slacks.  Dress slacks are not jeans, they are not leggings, they are not warm-up pants with a white stripe down the side, they are dressy pants you would wear to a job interview.  I have placed our initial order for polos, but not everyone had their fees in at that time.  I will be placing one more order on 11/21/16, and need fees in by this date.  Yes, we have had several deadlines for polos that have come and gone.  If we do not have fees (or you have not made arrangements with me), a polo will not be ordered for your child to perform in.     While I am discussing fees, the $60 uniform fee includes rental of professional dress attire for our District Assessment Performance, the Rippon Music Department Polo (local concerts), a Rippon Choral Polo (for Busch Gardens), as well as transportation and administrative fees to participate in District Assessments.  I have a good number of students whom have not yet remitted these fees, nor have they spoken with me.  Please!   If any of these fees present a concert, talk to me.  Either have your student see me directly after class, or I can be reached via email at DunnP@pwcs.edu. I can't help if I don't know.     I believe this is all for now, I will update as I have more information! Thank you! ~Mrs. Dunn DunnP@pwcs.edu
Posted by dunnp  On Nov 07, 2016 at 2:55 PM
2017 Busch Gardens Trip Information The Rippon Middle School Music Department will once again travel to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA for an adjudicated performance and day of fun in the park.   This year’s trip will take place on Saturday May 20th  Our ensembles will perform in competition and receive a rating from a highly qualified panel of adjudicators at a high school near Williamstown before heading to Busch Gardens for the remainder of the day.  Parent volunteers will chaperone small groups of students in the park as they go on rides and play games.  All groups will attend the awards ceremony in the park that evening before loading the buses and returning to Rippon. Students who plan on attending must maintain at least a C average in their respective music class and must not have disciplinary referrals in the 2nd or 3rd quarters of school.  The ensemble director reserves the right to select students that will provide a well-rounded ensemble capable of a superior performance before the panel of judges.   Below you will see the fee break down for students and chaperones including transportation on a charter bus and a meal before arriving in the park.   Student fee    - $95 Student w/park pass fee  - $50 Chaperone fee    - $45 The following is a payment schedule based on the Showcase Festivals  payment plan that we are required to follow. 1st Payment      $25-Wed 11/9 2nd Payment     $25-Mon 1/9 3rd Payment      $25-Mon 2/27 4th Payment      $20-Mon 4/3 *Students are allowed to pay in advance  Refunds unavailable after April 19th.  Please reach out to your respective director with any questions or concerns you might have. We are looking forward to another amazing trip!!! Please note that students planning on going to Busch Gardens can participate in the Yankee Candle fundraiser to offset the cost of the trip. Amount Sold              Spring Trip Credit $50                                   $15 $75                                   $25 $100                                 $35 $125                                 $45 $150                                 $55 $175                                 $65 $200                                 $75 $225                                 $85 $250                                 $95 Paid in full         Mr. Bradner             Mr. Cheytanov                  Mrs. Dunn bradnedr@pwcs.edu       cheytaea@pwcs.edu      DunnP@pwcs.edu 
Posted by dunnp  On Nov 07, 2016 at 2:54 PM