Phase 5 
April 27th-End of School Year

  • For the remainder of the School Year students will have the option of completing projects and reviewing content from the First and Second Quarter.
  • There are no grades for the Fourth Quarter.
  • If a student completes an optional project or assignment they will only receive feedback- no grades will be given for the last quarter.
  • All projects and assignments are posted on my SPRING 2020 Webpage 
  • Instructional Time
    Every Wednesday from 10:00 AM-11:30 AM

    Optional Assignments will be posted on the Spring 2020 page as well as emailed home on a weekly basis.

    Office Hours
    Every Thursday from 1:30 PM-3:00 PM
    Emails will be responded to promptly at this time.

Review of Standards Already Taught

  • We started Unit 4 before the extended break but we will be reviewing Weather Fronts, Composition of Air, and the Layers of the Atmosphere upon our return to school. 
  • Since the 3rd Quarter Grading deadline is currently extended into April all missing assignments can be completed upon our return to school.
  • No projects or lengthy assignments were assigned prior to the Extended Break- there is nothing due upon our return to school.
  • Please see the Spring 2020 web page for content review of Weather and Climate.
  • Please see the 2019-2020 Standards Review web page for content related to standards 6.2 and 6.3 (Solar System and Earth Systems), 6.4 and 6.9 (Energy), and 6.5 (Matter).


Welcome to 6th Grade Science!  My name is Ms. Parker and this is my second year teaching at Rippon MS. I graduated from Virginia Union University with a BS in Biology. Please use this class page as a tool to help you in your science studies this year and to help you stay organized. Here you will find important dates, and documents related to what we do in class. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at


Donations for the class (never required but always appreciated): tissues, glue (sticks/liquid), sanitizer, pencils

No School- February 17th

Science Fair Judging January 31st @330pm

Science Fair Awards Night February 5th @530pm

(Reminders will be emailed)

6.5 Matter Part 2 Unit Test (6.5 d-g)
All Cores January 30th



6.5 The student will investigate and understand that all matter is composed of atoms. Key ideas include

d) two or more atoms interact to form new substances, which are held together by electrical forces (bonds);

e) compounds may be represented by chemical formulas;

f) chemical equations can be used to model chemical changes; and

g) a few elements comprise the largest portion of the solid Earth, living matter, the oceans, and the atmosphere.

6th Grade Science Class All Cores
Week of 1/6-Chemical Bonds
Week of 1/13-Counting Atoms/Balancing Equations
Week of 1/20-Elements that makes up Earth, living matter, the oceans and the atmosphere

(Reminders will be emailed)
(is provided when students start a new learning target):

CORE 1 -




Grading and Testing Policy:

Grades are calculated as so:

80% Summative
ssessment of students where the focus is on the outcome of a program and what they should be learning (EX = Unit Tests, Summative Projects, Lab reports that show outcome of what they are learning))

20% Formative
(Assessments that summarizes the students' development at a particular time, like a snapshot of what they know at that exact moment. (EX = unit quizzes, exit tickets, activities, homework, etc.))

Tests & Retests

Tests are given at the end of each unit. There are 6 units covered throughout the year. Each unit test will also include a part that covers the 6.1 scientific inquiry standards (testing their knowledge of being able to conduct scientific investigations). 

Retests are given for summative assessments allowing students the opportunity to master the learning standards they are taught throughout the year. Retests for my class will only be given on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. Students are to sign up in advance, prepare by making sure all notes are complete and review guides. Students are not allowed to retake the same day they do remediation.