Library Digital Breakout Review Session

This digital breakout session has been provided to us by the librarians and is meant to be a fun way to review content taught throughout the year. In order to complete the activity, navigate through the pages by clicking the links to the different lock types at the top of the page (the lock types are: three digit lock, letter lock, direction, lock, five digit lock, six digit lock, and color lock). You will enter your answers on the main Language Arts Review Page (the first page you see when you visit the link), so it may help to record your answers on a piece of paper. Make sure to pay attention to details and read ALL directions carefully. As stated on my class page, I will be available to help through email and through the chat on Microsoft Teams on Tuesday from Noon to 1:30pm. 

Library Digital Breakout link -

Study Island

Study Island helps students master state-specific grade-level standards by completing interactive lessons and applying what they learned in activities aligned to VA state standards. The lessons are meant to be engaging and fun for students. Students are able to access Study Island through Clever and I may assign review lessons for students to complete throughout the months. Directions to access Study Island are below.  

1. Go to
2. Select log-in as a s student and search for Rippon Middle School.
3. Log-in using your Office 365 account ( If you forgot your password, you can not reset it by going to the Information Technology Department PWCS webpage and clicking on Password Self-Service. 
4. Once you are logged into Clever, scroll down in order to select Study Island and you can complete activities. 

Lexia Power Up and Core 5

Students  who have been given access to this tool can continue to practice, develop, and build on their reading and grammar skills through Lexia. You can either use the computer to complete the activities or download the app for free in the App store or Google Play store. Follow the directions below to log into your account. 

1. Go to
2. Select log-in as a student and search for Rippon Middle School. 
3. Log-in using your Office 365 account ( If you forgot your password, please follow the link above to reset. 
4. Once you are logged into Clever, scroll down in order to select Lexia Power Up or Core 5. 

Scholastic Learn at Home

Scholastic is offering weekly literacy lessons and activities for students to complete that fuse math, science, and history with reading. Students choose their grade level and find daily articles to read that are followed by questions and extended activities. Students are also able to participate in Virtual Book Fest where they can meet authors and write stories. Students will need to create free accounts, with the help of parents, to engage in the Virtual Book Fest. As I have seen, the weekly lessons do not require an account.