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Although PWCS is unable to provide instruction or class assignments to students while schools remain closed, our School Division hopes that the suggestions for optional learning activities posted here will help parents support student learning until schools re-open. Please remember that use of these materials and participation in these activities are optional and neither grades nor course credit will be awarded.

I teach 6x Math and 6th Grade Math in room 305.

My goal is for students to love math and be able to use it in their every day. 

Thank you everyone for your patience during this difficult time with Convid-19.  I am very grateful to have had the opportunity of working with you during this school year, but I am also sad that our time was cut short.  I will miss you all very much and will encourage you to continue learning, asking questions and growing as a person. In response to our school closure, I have published Math 6/6X curriculum below.  Listed below each unit are key words that may be used to search or seek out additional resources online. 

Virtual Learning Week of May 18:

Week of May 18 – Integer Operations and Modeling

Multiplication and Division 



http://studyjams.scholastic.com/studyjams/jams/math/numbers/integers.htm   - Integers

Big Ideas videos (Go through Clever)

Virginia 2019 Course 1 (these videos are also in Spanish)

Chapter 2, Section 2.3 Example 1,2,3,4

Chapter 2, Section 2.4 Example 1,2,3,4


Student Workbook pages (solve pages  32 and 36)


Answer key: https://static.bigideasmath.com/protected/content/pe/va2019/student_workbooks/va_course1_sw_02_ans.pdf



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Multiplying and Dividing Integers Code: 5162519

Integer Word Problems Code: 2894990

Virtual Learning Week of May 11:

Students will be working on a Mindfulness Scavenger Hunt, click below and send me a picture of your completed paper.

Mindfulness Scavenger.pdf

Teacher recommended resources are linked here too:  


Prodigy - 20 minutes every day(will be updated weekly for each unit)
Flocabulary Codes:
6X - 2N7B7K
Math 6 - JV68KP

Study Island
Go to clever.com, log in with your credentials, and go to studyisland (Look for the palm tree.)   Find the Virginia map on the left, and Math and practice. 

Study Island lessons and practice that correlate with the curriculum and objectives in the table below:

Unit 1 Intro to Integers and Coordinate Plane
6.3a - Represent Integers
6.3b - Compare and Order Integers
6.3c - Absolute Value
6.8a,b - Coordinate Planes

Unit 2 Ratio's & Proportions
6.1 - Ratio's
6.12a, b, c, d - Proportional Relationships

Unit 3 Number Sense:
6.2a Equivalent Rational Numbers
6.2b Compare and Order Rational Numbers
6.3 (See Unit 1)

Unit 4  Exponents
6.4 Exponents

Unit 5 Integer operations (and order of operations)
6.6a,b Compute with Integers
6.6c Simplify Numerical Expressions

Units 6 and 7 Fraction mulitplication/division and problem solving
6.5a Multiply and Divide Fractions a
nd Mixed Numbers

6.5b,c Practical Problems with Fractions and Decimals

Unit 8 Equations
6.13 - Solve Equations

Unit 9 Inequalities
6.14a,b Linear Inequalities

Unit 10 Geometry and Measurement
6.7a,b Circumference and Area of Circles
6.7c Perimeter and Area of Triangles and Rectangles
6.9 Congruence

Unit 11 Statistics
6.10a,b,c Represent and Interpret Graphs
6.11a,b Measure
s of Center

For Core 1 and 4 Math 6X Students, keep reading:
Study Island lessons come from the 7th grade lessons! Remember to switch the grade level on Study Island while doing these lessons.

Unit 4: 7.1 a,b,c,d,e
7.1a Negative Exponents and Powers of Ten
7.1b Scientific Notation
7.1c Compare and Order Numbers
7.1d Square Roots
7.1e Absolute Value

Units 8 and 9 Two Step Equations/Inequalities
7.12 - Solve Linear equations
7.13 Solve Linear Inequalities

Unit 10 Measurment and Geometry
7.6a,b Quadrilaterals

Unit 11 Statistics
7.9a,b,c Histograms

Don't hesitate to email me at reynarf@pwcs.edu if you have any questions.

Math 6 Units of Study

SOL Objective


Unit 1: Intro to Integers & Coordinate Graphing

Searchable vocabulary:ordering integers, identifying integers, absolute value, coordinate graphing, plot ordered pairs, identify ordered pairs

6.3, 6.8



Unit 2: Ratios & Proportions

Searchable vocabulary:ratios, ratio tables, unit rate, proportions, proportional, equivalent ratios, simplify fractions

6.1, 6.12



Unit 3: Number Sense

Searchable vocabulary:covert fractions to decimals (long division); equivalent fractions, decimals, percent; ordering fractions, decimals, percent; ascending; descending; decimal place values; whole numbers; integers


6.2, 6.3



Unit 4: Exponents

Searchable vocabulary:exponents, expanded form, exponential form, standard form, perfect squares





Unit 5: Integer Operations & Order of Operations & Word Problems

Searchable vocabulary:number line, Alge-Tiles, model integer operations, integers, operations, opposites, absolute value, order of operations with integers,PEMDAS, word problems with integers


6.6 abc



Unit 6: Fraction Multiplication and Division

Searchable terms and vocabulary:numerator, denominator, mixed number, improper fraction, reciprocal, model fraction multiplication, model fraction division, multiply mixed numbers, divide mixed numbers, simplify fractions





Unit 7: Problem Solving

Searchable terms:word problems with fractions and mixed numbers





Unit 8: Equations

Searchable terms and vocabulary:expressions, equations, terms, coefficient, variables, constants, model equations, solve equations with algetiles, zero pairs, solve one step equations, isolate the variable, inverse operations, substitution of answer in equation




Unit 9: Inequalities

Searchable terms and vocabulary:greater than, less than, greater than or equal to, less than or equal to, open dot, closed dot, solution set, graph inequalities, solve one step inequalities, find a number in a solution set of an inequality




Unit 10: Geometry & Measurement

Searchable vocabulary:polygons, regular polygons, congruent, not congruent, parts of a circle, radius, diameter, chord, center, circumference, semi-circle, pi, squares, rectangles, triangles, area, perimeter, formula for area, formula for circumference

6.9, 6.7

Planned for



Unit 11: Statistics

Searchable terms and vocabulary:Interpret bar chart, create circle graph, interpret circle graph, model fractions (percent) on a circle, measures of center, mean balance point, mean, average, median, mode,

6.10, 6.11

Planned for April


For 6 Extended (Core 1 and 4) keep Reading:

ADDITIONALMath 6X (Extended)

Topics of Study

SOL Objective


Unit 4: Exponents & Scientific Notation

Searchable terms and vocabulary:Base 10 numbers with negative exponents, square roots, scientific notation


7.1 abcde



Unit 8: Two Step Equations

Searchable terms and vocabulary:Two step equations, inverse operations





Unit 9: Inequalities

Searchable terms and vocabulary:Two step inequalities, inverse operations





Unit 10: Geometry & Measurement

Searchable vocabulary:quadrilaterals, parallel, perpendicular, parallelogram, rectangle, square, trapezoid, kite, rhombus, adjacent sides, adjacent angles, opposite sides, opposite angles




Unit 11: Statistics

Searchable vocabulary:histograms, intervals, frequency





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