Welcome to U.S. History Class!

May 13:
Hello!  Welcome to week 5 of online learning opportunities.  Click below to review the American Revolution.

Revolution Module

May 7:

Hello everyone!  Welcome to week 4 of online learning opportunities.  If you were unable to find/log in to Microsoft Teams, I have placed the link below to access the review module.

Colonial Module


April 30:
Hello everyone!  Welcome to week 3 of online learning opportunities.  If you were unable to find/log in to Microsoft Teams, I have placed the link below to access the review module.

Exploration Module

April 23:
Hello everyone!  Welcome to week 2 of online learning opportunities.  If you were unable to find/log in to Microsoft Teams, I have placed the link below to access the review module.

Native American Review

April 16:
Hello everyone!  If you were unable to find Microsoft Teams for the weekly review assignment, I have placed the link below.  

Geography Review

April 15:

Hello students and parents,

As we begin our adventure into virtual learning and Prince William County's Phase 4 of continuity of learning... I will be providing content of previously taught concepts only.  Each week I will be providing directions and materials to facilitate learning opportunities.  The material provided remains optional and ungraded.  Please check my class page for materials and instructions.  Below is the schedule for once a week Social Studies instruction and office hours.  

Instructional Time- Thursdays from 8:30 - 10:00

• I will be providing 10-15 minute of direction/instruction through the power points or video for review of content that has already been delivered prior to March 13th.

• Remainder of the time will be spent doing follow-up activities linked to the instruction on their own (self-paced power points that students can interact with as they wish, and an activity based on the presented content)

• I will be available during this time to answer any questions/concerns on the content presented using the platform Microsoft teams or my email.

• I will also be sending weekly emails to parents communicating the topic that will be instructed for the week.

Office hours are Fridays from 1:30 - 3:00

• During this time, I am accessible to students or parents asking questions via email or Microsoft Teams

•  We encourage students to use the office hours to ask specific questions pertaining to the weekly instruction

Stay safe and healthy!

Ms. Shultz

April 2:
Message from PWCS: Although PWCS is unable to provide instruction or class assignments to students while schools remain closed, our School Division hopes that the suggestions for optional learning activities posted here will help parents support student learning until schools re-open. Please remember that use of these materials and participation in these activities are optional and neither grades nor course credit will be awarded.

Week of 3/30 to - 4/3

Students will be reviewing past concepts/content. The material that is posted is just for review and learning opportunities. The assessments are not graded and will be used for feedback and review.  You can look at the study guides and notes that you have at home to complete any activity or questions.  Included are also activities related to each unit.  The Webpage will be updated to include all the units as we progress.


March 26th:

Hello students and families,

I hope you are enjoying the time off from school. It is a great time to explore your favorite hobbies or try out new activities and see if they become favorite hobbies. Thanks to social distancing and staying at home, I have been practicing my cooking, home decorating, and crafting skills. Some projects have been more successful than others! At the same time, I hope you are spending some time each day practicing/reviewing your reading, math, science, and social studies content. You do not want to go 5 months without learning and be behind at the start of next year. I spend time each day reading books, magazines, and online articles on a variety of topics. I also virtually visit one museum each day.

Per PWCS guidelines, I am not assigning any new content or graded assignments through March 27th. I am in the process of adding review activities and links to my class web page. Feel free to work on these activities or visit a website listed. If you find a great resource or website, email me and I will upload for others.

I have updated the gradebook with all assignments and extra credit opportunities for the 3rd marking period. I am in the process of creating a folder on my class page with a copy of all graded assignments (except exams) and extra credit opportunities. Once this is complete, I will send information on how to complete NHIs. At this time, I have not received any specific information on grades and report cards for the rest of the school year.

Continue to check the PWCS website and Rippon class pages for updates.

Stay safe and healthy!

March 23rd:

Hello students and families,

I know this is a scary and uncertain time with Corona Virus information all over social media and television. Per PWCS guidelines, I am not assigning any new material or graded assignments through March 27th. I will be adding review activities to the unit folders in the files and documents tab. Feel free to work on these activities, remember they are voluntary and will not be graded. Enjoy the time off to learn new skills or reconnect with your favorite hobbies. I have been dusting off the kitchen gadgets and trying my hand at cooking. I also tried hanging wall paper for the first time.  Sorry, no pictures of the disaster that was hanging wall paper!

Here's some ideas of things you can do or websites to go to...

1. Explore museums virtually.  Check the links tab! If you find a great museum website, let me know!

2. www.solpass.org! You can review any unit or preview the units we haven't covered yet.

3. Go to Clever through the school webpage. There are many links there that you can explore.  Check out Brain Pop videos, activities, and games.  

4. Read a book. - Check out a list of history related recommendations on the files and documents tab. Books are from grade K-5th.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns (shultzka@pwcs.edu). 

Continue to check the PWCS website for any updates on when school will resume.

Week of February 24th:

We will be finishing part II of our unit on Revolution.  Our test will be Friday!  The answers to the study guide can be found in files and documents.  Don't forget about solpass to review.

Please check parent vue or student vue regularly to monitor missing assignments and current grades.  

Check out solpass.org for review activities!

Important Dates:
Feb. 17th - NO School, President's Day

March 27th - End of 3rd Quarter

March 30th - Teacher Workday

Retake Instructions

  1. Have a parent sign the grade sheet and answer the questions below your grades honestly.
  2. Complete the study guide.
  3. Bring both the completed grade sheet and completed study guide to the retake session.


  • Retakes will be offered Monday – Friday mornings. Students may come to the classroom starting at 7:30.
  • Other times will be considered as needed.
  • Please make arraignments with me.