Quarter 4 Assignments - These assignments were also e-mailed to parents and students on each Tuesday of the week

Week 1 Assignment (April 27th - May 4th)
Week 2 Assignment (May 5th - May 11th)
Week 3 Assignment (May 12th - May 18th)

Here is a summary of resources that are available by SOL. Please make sure you are familiar with all of the material and have reviewed all the concepts

Quarter 1
SOL 7.1a Negative Exponents & Powers of Ten 
                  Why do I need to learn about the powers of ten?
                  Powers of Ten with Positive Exponents
                  Powers Of Ten with Negative Exponents
                  Does a negative exponent mean my answer is going to be negative?
                  What is anything to the zero power?
                  Powers of Ten Memory
 SOL 7.1b Compare & Order Numbers in Scientific Notation
                  Going from scientific notation to standard form
                  Going from standard form to scientific notation
                  Comparing numbers in scientific notation
SOL 7.1c Compare and Order Rational Numbers
                 Fractions Decimals and Percents Review (Who wants to be a millionaire)?
                 Fractions Decimals and Percents Jeopardy game
                 Comparing and ordering fractions decimals and percents
SOL 7.1d Square Roots & Perfect Squares
                How to determine if a number is a perfect square?
                Is Zero a perfect square?
                What are the first 21 perfect squares?
                How do you undo perfect squares?
                The perfect Squares Song
                Perfect Squares Application Problems
                Perfect Squares Quizlet Practice
SOL 7.1e Absolute Value
                 What is the definition of absolute value?
                 Is the absolute value always positive?
                 Absolute value and negative answers
                 How to you find the absolute value of rational numbers?
SOL 7.2 Solve Practical Problems with Rational Numbers
                Rational Numbers Word Problems with multiplication and division
                 Problem solving with addition and subtraction
SOL 7.11 Evaluating Algebraic Expressions for given values of the variables
               How to evaluate expressions
            Evaluate expressions game
               Evaluating expressions worksheet (with answer Key)

SOL 7.4a Describe Surface Area and Volume of Cylinders & Rectangular Prisms
               How to find the volume of rectangular prisms (video)
            How to find the volume and surface area of cylinders (video)
               How to find the surface area of rectangular Prisms (video)

SOL 7.4b Solve Problems including Surface Area and Volume of Cylinders and Rectangular Prisms
          Find the volume and surface area word problems (video)
             Surface area and volume of rectangular prisms practice 

Quarter 2
7.12 Solving 2-Step Equations
         How to model 1-step equations with Algebra Tiles
         How to solve 2-step equations with Algebra Tiles
         Practice with Algebra Tiles
         Two Step Equations Basketball Game (download flash)
         Two Step Equations Jeopardy Game
         Two Step Equations with Word Problems
       Two Step Equations Worksheet (Answer Key provided)
SOL 7.13 Solving 2-Step Linear Inequalities
       What is an inequality? (video)      
       How to graph an inequality on a number line (video)
       How to graph 2-step inequalities (video)
       Practice solving 2-steps inequalities online
       Two Step Inequalities Worksheet (Answer Key Provided)
SOL 7.3 Proportional Reasoning
        What is a proportion? (video) 
        What is a percent? (video)     
        What is a percent proportion (video) 
        Proportion Practice Worksheet (Answer Key Provided)
        Dirt Bike Proportions Game
        Sales tax, tip and markup (video)
        Sales tax tip and discount practice problems (Answer Key Provided)

Quarter 3
SOL 7.5 Similar Figures of Quadrilaterals and Triangles
         Similar Figures Practice Problems
         Similar Figures and Proportions Practice

SOL 7.10a  Determine the slope as rate of change in proportional relationships and write an equation in the form y = mx to represent the relationship.

SOL 7.10b Graph a line representing a proportional relationship given the slope and an ordered pair, or given the equation y = mx

SOL 7.10c Determine the y-intercept in an additive relationship and write an equation in the form y = x + b to represent the relationship.

SOL 7.10d Graph a line representing an additive relationship given the y-intercept and an ordered pair, or given the equation y = x + b

SOL 7.10e Make connections between representations of proportional and additive relationships using verbal descriptions, tables, equations, and graphs.
            How to find the slope from a graph video
            Finding the slope sort
SOL 7.7 Applying Translations and Reflections of Right Triangles and Rectangles in a coordinate plane

Other Resources
Desmos Online ScientificCalcuator

SOL Review
Jeferson Lab SOL - These are old released practice problems that students can do. These give students immediate feedback and student can also control how many questions they want to do at a time.