Unit 1 - A.4  Solving Multi step and practical Problems

Example of solving Equations with manipulatives
Try it - it's fun!

Rags to riches Quia game with equations

A.4e Using properties and solving literal equations

Review your properties!

Literal equations - this is a practice worksheet 

Desmos equation activity - look at Teams for your class code

A.4 a,c,e,f  Solve Real World Problems with Equations
Practice ws   writing equations
Unit review assignment
Big Ideas Textbook Pg. 51-53 #1-31- turn in to your class Teams

Unit 2 A.6a  Slope and Graphing linear Equations
Slope video
Slope game Save the Zogs

Slope Jeopardy game 

Graphing from slope intercept form 
*Try to make an asterisk -different slopes - same 'b'
Graphing from STANDARD form
My Video

Families of Graphs activity

Overall review of Unit
Big Ideas text pg. 169-171 #1-20

Unit 3 - A.6b  Writing linear equations and parallel and perpendicular lines

Video on video games

Big Ideas text : Chapter review
pg. 207-209 #1-21

Unit 4  A.4d Solving systems of equations
By graphing
practice pg. 217#1-31
By substitution
practice pg.  223#1-35

By Elimination
practice pg. 229#1-35
Using all three methods
Online activity

Unit 5 A.2 b Monomial operations and laws of exponents
Practice Worksheet on adding/subtracting

Exponent Laws
Video #1
Video on Power of a power

Review of Exponents game

Unit 6 A.2b Multiplying and dividing polynomials

Video on multiplying a monomial by a polynomial 
Video on Multiplying Binomials box
Chapter review pg. 285#1-32

Unit 7 A.2 b,c Factoring

Factoring GCF

Factoring Trinomials

Factoring review packet

Unit 8 A.3 Radicals
practice video

Practice  online

Worksheet - use your own paper if you don't have a printer

Unit 9 A.1a Evaluating and translating Expressions



Unit 10 A.4 e,b Quadratic Equations and graphs

Solving quadratic equations by graphing

Practice on Desmos

Solving quadratic equations by factoring

Quadratic Equation Word problems
Practice ws 

Using Quadratic formula

Unit 11 Functions and Domain and Range  A.7 abcdf

Domain and Range

Function notation
Video - a little more advanced in the last example - see what you think!


Material NOT COVERED as of March 13,2020 
Inequalities in 2 variables
Line of best fit
Curve of best fit