Welcome to a new school year!

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to 8th grade Language Arts. My name is Ms. Salem. I am so happy to be on your team! In Language Arts this year, we will be working hard on reading and writing skills in order to ensure student success on the Writing SOL in March, the Reading SOL in May, and for high school coming up next year. Let’s have a great year together!

Welcome to our Class Pages. To your left, you will see a menu where you can find helpful resources that are relevant to our class. By clicking on the “Useful Links” link, you will find important resources for class, including The Hub, where you can check student grades and see attendance information. Clicking on “Files and Documents” will take you to our class documents that you can print off, like the syllabus and unit map. “Calendar” is where you can find important dates for assignment deadlines and tests. Finally, “Homework” is where you can download homework assignments if your student may have misplaced homework.

Please also note that under "Calendar" I will have listed all the activities, announcements, deadlines, etc for each day of the school week. If a student is absent please refer to the calendar to see what you missed. It is the student's responsibility to be accountable for any and all make up work. 

For any additional assistance I will be staying after school on Tuesday until 4:30pm. Please look below to view bus start and end dates:

4:30 buses start on September 10th to 6/5
5:30 buses start on September 27th to 6/11

Thank you for taking the time to peruse the webpage. Expect weekly updates. I appreciate all that you do to ensure student success from home.

Ms. Salem 


 Important Updates
 March 23-27  Schools are closed to students at this time. No new work will be assigned this week. An instructional calendar has been made available to show what has been taught thus far in the year. Links to review for these standards will be made available to enrich students and continue learning.

Please refer to your (or your child's) Progress Report to make sure all work is complete. Students may redo assignments to improve their grades. Please see "Files and Documents" for these assignments.

Although PWCS is unable to provide instruction or class assignments to students while schools remain closed, our School Division hopes that the suggestions for optional learning activities posted here will help parents support student learning until schools re-open. Please remember that use of these materials and participation in these activities are optional and neither grades nor course credit will be awarded.

 Review of Course Standards  Students now have access to review materials through multiple online resources (Flocabulary, Study Island, etc.) In order to access these materials, students need to use the class notebook found on MICROSOFT TEAMS. I will also email all students, parents, and guardians when I have scheduled assignments. Review activities are ungraded.

My intention is to not overwhelm students during this time. So, I will only be assigning new lessons once or twice week. The work should not take more than an hour at most. I will assign weekly writing prompts on Microsoft Teams. Since no new graded work can be assigned, I will only offer feedback for the writing prompts. All mini lessons will focus on the previously mentioned apps. 

Please go to Office 365 and log in. From there, select Teams. There you will be able to access the class notebook by selecting Class Notebook at the top. This is where all review and learning opportunities will be pushed through to ensure everything is in one simple place for students! Stay tuned. . .