Tuesday June 2, 2020

This is the second to last week of school and I encourage you to finish strong.  I would like for you to try something new this week.  The first link of your video assignment has questions embedded in it, and to move forward with the video you must answer them by filling in the text box and hitting ‘submit’ and then ‘continue’.  Please try this and give me some feedback about how difficult or worthwhile you felt the questions were.  We (the Algebra teachers) are trying to figure out a way that students are more likely to learn from watching  videos and how we can check participation.  To fully understand if this method works, we need your cooperation!  Next, there is a jeopardy challenge, a quizlet, and a study island assignment. 

Our lesson this week is on Factoring Polynomials.


 Factoring Polynomials video  This is the video with the questions embedded in it.


Jeopardy Game  -    This is the jeopardy game – is anyone doing these?  Please share with me your satisfaction/dissatisfaction with this mode of practice.

Quizlet This is a quizlet – a nice way of reviewing using game mode or flashcards

Study Island – Factoring A.2c

Tuesday May 26, 2020

Our lesson this week is on Polynomials.


For a quick review, watch the following videos on YouTube:

Box Method 


Review of Polynomial Operations


1.    Complete the A.2b Operations with Polynomials section in Study Island.

2.   Try the following Jeopardy game: Jeopardy
Or adding and subtracting Polynomials Battleship 

3. I

f you need more practice with Algebra Tiles, go to the following site and s

Select the “Expand” tab to practice multiplying polynomials using Algebra Tiles.
Practice Using Algebra tiles



Tuesday May 19, 2020

Our lesson this week is on Laws of Exponent.

To begin, click on Laws of Exponents Overview Video- this is a new video from math antics – It is a little more entertaining than some of the others. 😊


  1. Go to Study Island “A.2a Exponent Review” and do the 20 practice problems using the lesson/flashcards and game mode – whatever you prefer.

2. Complete a Quizizz on The Laws of Exponent.  Go to joinmyquiz.com  and enter the code 4675063. Please use your first name and last initial so that I know who you are!

Tuesday May 12, 2020

This week’s lesson is on Systems of Equations.


For a quick review, watch the following video on YouTube:


  1. Go to student.desmos.com and type in the code R2UXW4

    Go to joinmyquiz.com.  Enter the following code 968355 and complete the Quizizz on systems of equations.


Note: For the assignments that require you to input your name, please use your REAL FIRST name and initial of your LAST name so that I can give you proper credit, if necessary.


Tuesday May 5th

Our lesson this week is on Writing and Graphing Linear Equations.

DO NOT feel pressured to do ALL of the activities!  Ideally, you will spend 90 minutes each week on math.   


For a quick review, watch Mr. Harrington’s videos on YouTube:



1 .  Go to student.desmos.com and enter the code YPSYC8 to complete Match my Line.

2.   Try the Zog game at Math Playground to practice finding equations of lines: Zog Game  

3.    Complete the A.6 section in Study Island. It covers Slope and Linear Functions and Graphs

If you would like to chat with me about what you are doing or if you have questions, go to your Microsoft Teams account (from your school 365 login, outlook, 9 dots at the top left,click on teams) anytime Tuesday between 11-12:30 am or Wednesday from 12-1:30 , and I will be logged on to answer questions through the chat feature.

Tuesday April 28th

Our lesson this week is on Multi-Step Equations.

Need a quick review?  Watch Mr. Harrington’s review on Solving Multi-Step Equations.


1.  Log onto Study Island and complete the Practice with Multi-Step Equations and Properties section.

2.  You can also go to join.nearpod.com and enter the code: JBEAK to practice your properties.

3.  Try a QUIZIZZ on Multi-Step Equations.  Go to joinmyquiz.com and enter the following code: 

652799                I will be on at 11:10 to see your progress.

4.  Do you want to play a GAME? Try the jeopardy game on multi-step equations. Click on the Jeopardy Game

5.  If you prefer to do a performance task, try the radical rock project. I have placed a copy in the files and documents section of the class page.


Tuesday April 21st

Please continue to complete the assignments that will help improve your grades.  You have until this coming Friday, April 24th at 3:00 pm to turn in or complete any assignment to improve your 3rd Quarter grade.  If you choose to do a retake of a Summative Assessment, go to Study Island, and there are retakes in there for:

  1. Quadratic Equations
  2. Expressions
  3. Radicals

If you are still missing a Formative Assignment, complete a Study Island assignment under "review" to replace your NHI (0).  If you are confused how to access the assignments, email me.

For our lesson tomorrow, Tuesday April 21st, we will be working on Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring.

1.  If you need a refresher, watch the following video:  Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring.

2.  For practice on Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring, go to student.desmos.com and enter the following code: 7M7AQG.  If you log in at 11:10, hopefully the majority of the class will be on then and we can see each other’s progress.

  You will also find a  practice game at the link for polynomials jeopardy  

4. I have also set up a Quizizz.  Please go to joinmyquiz.com and enter the following code: 518294

5. When you finish practicing, I suggest you go to Study Island and complete the retake on Quadratic Equations for a better summative assessment grade if you have not done so.

Do not feel pressured to do all of these assignments. Ideally, you should spend 90 minutes each week on math assignments!

If you would like to chat with me about what you are doing or if you have questions, go on your Microsoft Teams account anytime Tuesday between 11-12:30 am or Wednesday from 12-1:30, and I will be logged on to answer questions through the chat feature.

Tuesday April 14th

We will be reviewing Direct and Inverse Variation.
1. Complete the kahoot game to see what you remember. Please use your first name and not a nickname.  click here   Direct/Inverse kahoot
 If you go directly to kahoot.it, the code is 07425484
2. If you need a review, click on the following videos:  direct variation    inverse variation
3. Complete the section in Study Island on Direct/Inverse variation

Algebra 1 Instructional Calendar

The instructional calendar shows the standards that we have already completed.  If you need more practice, click on the activity that is below the topic. Remember also, your text book has videos and activities for each of these topics.

Quarter 1

Aug. 26 – 30

Introduction and Review of Procedures

Sept 2 - 6

A.4ae Solving Multi-Step Equations and Practical Problems
Multi-step equations game - practice solving multi-step equations.

Sept 9 – 13

A.4 c Properties and Solving Literal Equations
Literal Equation Jeopardy

Sept 16 - 20

A.4acef Solving Real World Equations and Unit Test
How to Solve 2 Step Equations WIth Word Problems  (video)

Sept 23-27

A.7bdc Relations and Functions Introduction;
Relations and Functions Jeopardy Game

A.6 ac Determining Slope and Graphing Linear Equations
Graphs of the Galaxy Game

Sept 30-Oct 4

A.6a Determining Slope
Slope Basketball Game
Save the Zogs! (Slope Game)

A.6c Graphing Equations and Transformations
Unit Test
Slope Jeopardy Game - you can practice different ways to write slope by playing a jeopardy game

Oct 7 - 11

A.6b Writing linear equations in slope intercept, point-slope, and standard forms

Oct 14 – 18 

A.6b Finding slope of parallel and perpendicular lines

Introduction to Desmos
https://student.desmos.com/ use code URYG8E

Oct 21-25

A.6b Writing Equations


Unit Test

Oct 28 – Nov 1

A.8 Direct Variation


A.4de Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing

Quarter 2

Nov 4– 8

A.4d Solving Systems of Equations using Elimination and Substitution
Systems of Equations - practice the elimination and substitution methods

Nov 11 – 15

A.4e Real world Problem

A.4d Solving Systems using all Methods

Nov 18 – 22

A.4de Review and Unit Test on Systems of Equations

A.2b Multiplying Monomials

Nov 25 - 29

A.2b Dividing Monomials

***Thanksgiving Break***

Dec 2 - 6

A.2a Laws of Exponents
Exponent Rules Pirate Game - practice with exponents.

A.2bc Using Algebra tiles to model polynomial operations

A.2bc Geometric Applications of polynomial operations

Dec 9 - 13

A.2a Exponents Assessment

A.2b Multiplying and Dividing Binomials and Polynomials

Dec 16 - 20

A.2bc Polynomial Assessment


Dec 23 – Jan 3

***Winter Break***

Jan 6 - 10

A.2c Factoring GCF

A.2bc Factoring Trinomials
Factoring Practice 

Jan 13 - 17

A.2bc Review Factoring Trinomial

Jan 20 – 24


A.2bc Factoring Polynomials

Factoring Assessment

Quarter 3

Jan 27 - 31

A.1 Evaluating Expressions

A.3a Simplifying Radical Expressions

Feb 3 - 7

A.3 Multiplying and Dividing Radical Expressions

Feb 10 - 14

A.1 Translating and Evaluating Expressions

Unit Test

A.4be Introduction to Solving Quadratic Equations

Feb 17 - 21

A.4b Graphing Quadratic equations using Vertex, Axis of Symmetry, and Desmos

A.7 Quadratic Roots

Feb 24 - 28

A.7 Quadratic Formula and Quadratic Word Problems
Quadratic Formula -  practice that you can do with the quadratic formula. The answers and worked out solutions are provided

March 2 - 6

Quadratic Equations Test

A.7abdcf Functions and Relations; Domain and Range

A.7e Function Notation

March 9 - 13

A.8 Direct and Inverse Variation

** Break due to COVID – 19***

Additional Activities


Logic Puzzles

Jefferson Lab SOL - These are old SOL Test questions where you can practice questions.  You get immediate feedback. You can decide how may questions you want to do.

April 1, 2020

I can't believe it is April!  As a reminder, all review assignments are ungraded, and no new material is being assigned.  The activities on this site are to help you stay proficient in Algebra. 

 March 24

Go through Clever and open the Big Ideas Algebra 1 Textbook. Complete the 22 problems on pages 131-133 in the Chapter 3 Review.  I will post solutions Friday under the Algebra 1 answers in Files and Documents. If you need a review, each section has a video associated with it.  If you still have questions, email your question. 
                            Click here for Solutions for Chapter 3 review

March 23

Algebra 1

Go through Clever and open the Big Ideas Algebra 1 Textbook. Complete the 31 problems on pages 51-53. If you need a review, each section has a video associated with it.  If you still have questions, email your question. The answers are in the Files and Documents section under Algebra 1 answers.