Check out our online files and documents for the new Plank Challenge.
This one is a tad harder, we are upping our game and hopefully you will too.
Email me if you have any questions

winners of challenge

Attention: Winners of the Flamingo Challenge have been posted. Please see the document in the Online Files section for the winners. It will also be emailed to everyone.
The Plank Challenge is next. Start practicing for this!!


Thank you for all your submissions for the Flamingo Challenge. We are taking a look at different grade levels, and coming up with leaders in each grade and an overall winner. Stay tuned for the details. 

Right now, the best time I have for my overall classes is 9 minutes and 23 seconds. Stay tuned if anyone beat that for my classes, but an overall top school time!

Flamingo Challenge


Please see the Online Documents section for your weekly assignments. Also pay attention closely in the upcoming week we are going to do the Flamingo Challenge. What is that? Well I guess you will have to wait and find out. 

5.4.2020-5.8.2020 Update
Another round of lessons and workouts are posted in the Online files and documents section of 2020.Work hard, if you have any questions email me.

4.27.2020-5.1.2020 Update
New lessons and workouts have been posted. We are working on HIIT principles and the 7 minute workout. You can download the workout to your phone or tablet rather easily and its free. Please check out the ONLINE files and documents 2020 on the left.

4.20.2020-4.24.2020 Update
New lessons and workouts have been posted. Check them out!

4.13.2020 Update

If you look to the left, there will be a new area where we will be posting non-graded, classroom information/lessons and ideas called ONLINE learning April 2020-June 2020.
We will be getting a variety of ideas from all 4 PE teachers as we collaborate together. If you have any questions please email me Again, these lessons are not being graded and they are not mandatory. We are doing what we can to help out during this unique time in our society. This online/distant learning is an experience and opportunity that can only benefit our students. Please take some time to check in and let us know how we can help.

PS- Rippon MS complete plan of action is listed in the ONLINE files and documents as well. This is a map to show you who is teaching when and where and when our office hours will be going forward until June. Hang in there folks!

4.3.2020 Update
Going into the weekend make sure you get out and get some exercise.
Make sure you are practicing social distancing.

Here is a link to some great plank ideas

3 minute core workout- Are you game?

Common mistakes with planks-

Plankplank 2plank 3


Although PWCS is unable to provide instruction or class assignments to students while schools remain closed, our School Division hopes that the suggestions for optional learning activities posted here will help parents support student learning until schools re-open. Please remember that use of these materials and participation in these activities are optional and neither grades nor course credit will be awarded.

4.1.2020 Update
I will be sending an email home to let everyone know where they can find all the health powerpoints, all the mp3's for fitness and how to access various videos and other important information. Hopefully, the email lead you here and you can look on the left finding the FILES and DOCUMENTS section. Also check out the discussion page where I will try and post a question every few days. Please do not be afraid to answer these. 

1. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health- take a peek

2. Sneezing and the COVID 19

3. Teen Relaxation Tips- Not for sleeping, more for dealing with your anxiety, stress and everything around you

Morning Raiders.
I will be posting different workouts this week that you can do at home, including I hope links to youtube videos and other handouts that you can print out or view from your smart phone.
Please take some time to work on your wellbeing, your physical and your mental wellness. I think in this time, we need to focus on things we can control and move on from there. Stay tuned

Wow, Hi.
My name is Mr. Pelkey and I am your HPE teacher. Nice to meet you all. It's been a minute since I updated and I am sorry.
We just got done in Health working on smoking, drugs including marijuana, inhalants and cocaine. When we get back in Health in a few weeks, we will finish up with opiates and other drugs that you are interested in learning about.

When we get back to school we will do some volleyball testing on the bump, set and serve and move to a new unit, hopefully outdoors.

While we are waiting feel free to try these cool things at home-

Suggested Activities at Home:

· Wash the car/dog, do some yard work, clean out the garage/storage area, wash the windows, sweep the floor.

· Set up a Fitness Circuit: stair climbing, stretching, wall sit, plank, jumping jacks, curl ups, pushups, jump rope, squats, lunges, etc.

· Crank your favorite music and dance like nobody’s watching!

· Create a “Fit Deck” of cards…write an exercise on each card in a deck of cards. Shuffle them up and deal out a good work out!

· Create a practice plan to get better at a specific skill – or learn a new one (juggling, parkour, yoga) then practice the basics and get better each day.

· Take household items and make up a new game to play/physical challenge (think hungry hungry hippo game, water bottle flip, cornhole, popsicle stick and cup tower challenge, the floor is lava game…)

Students, we just completed our Track and Field Unit and it was a ton of fun, now we move forward. Over the next few weeks we may be inside with a variety of low organized games depending on the weather, or if we are out, plan on learning Ultimate Frisbee. Its my favorite activity. Check out my files and documents section for videos and rules of ultimate. 
Sorry for the long delay, after a year as the 6th grade administrator, I am back in the gym and ready to start this year on the right foot. Please keep an eye out here on my page for weekly updates about Health and PE at Rippon MS. Our schedule has changed, I teach 5 classes a day about 50-53 minutes each. My planning time each day looks to be from 230-300pm. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. I am here to help.

We had a great turn out for our professional day at Rippon. We gave out over 680 ties and still have many more left over. Thank you so much for helping out. Check us out in The Gainesville Times, NBC4, and social media
Tie Day Volunteers

We will be starting a tie drive here at RMS. We are looking for neckties of all colors and designs to donate. This is for an upcoming professional day where your students will dress up when they come to school to promote the "looking good, feeling good, doing good on SOL's". If you have any ties you would like to donate please drop them off in the box at the front office. Thank you!

Please look at the LMS pages to find your power point assignments. Most of the work will be done in class, but all of your work needs to be submitted via the LMS assignments by 2/13 or 2/14.
You will be presenting them in class but we will also have to submit them to my drop box. Please see the files and documents section for more information concerning this.

Thanks for taking the time to visit this portion of my webpages.
First let me introduce our twitter page


Follow us and always stay on top of what is going on in Health and PE here at Rippon!

I am about to start my 7th year teaching at Rippon Middle School and overall my 19th year teaching middle school HPE. 

I will make sure your child is informed, entertained and educated through this website and face to face contact on a regular basis. 

All files, videos, homework, classwork, powerpoints, handouts will be posted on here as we go through this year. 

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