The Brain 101 - BrainHQ from Posit Science

Hello Rippon Students, 

Our Counseling Department is very happy to share information regarding our complex and beautiful Brains in the coming weeks. We have decided to share with you information that we shared with many of our small groups. Learning about the Brain may be a little weird and slightly complicated, but these lessons will be built on taking each area and really expanding the information, so you learn in small increments.

We will be releasing a lesson each week and posting it on our website.

Be safe and we will see you soon.

 Student Concern? We are here to help!

Please e-mail your counselor directly (see below):

Counseling Dept

If you have a concern about your student, please feel free to contact your grade level counselor.  Parents/students can request a meeting below or email us directly:

Aida Hernandez
Counseling Director:

Ms. Aida Hernandez

Twitter: @AHernandez_RPMS

Ms. Rapcavage

6th Grade Counselor:
Ms. Suzanne Rapcavage

Twitter: @CounselorM678 

 6th: Last Names: A-P

Ms. Arensberg
7th & 8th Grade Counselor:
Ms. Carly Arensberg

Twitter:  @CArensberg_RPMS

7th: Last Names: A-K
8th: Last Names: T-Z

Ms. Osei
6th & 7th Grade Counselor:
Ms. Magdalen Osei-Brantuo

Twitter: @MOsei_RPMS

6th: Last Names: T-Z
7th: Last Names: L-Z

Mr. Davison
 8th Grade Counselor:
Mr. Jeremy "Jake" Davison

Twitter: @DavisonRpms

8th: Last Names: A-S

Ms. Sandra Alswayan


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