Algebra 1 Quarter 4 Assignments

These assignments have also been e-mailed.  Please let me know if you have any questions

1. Assignment 1 (April 28th - May 4th)
2. Assignment 2 (May 5th - May 11th)
3. Assignment 3 (Mat 12th - May 18th)

Algebra 1 Instructional Calendar

The instructional calendar shows the standards that we have already completed.  If you need more practice, click on the activity that is below the topic. Remember also, your text book has videos and activities for each of these topics. There are links at the bottom of this page that correspond to the e-mails that I have sent out.  Stay safe and healthy.

Quarter 1

Aug. 26 – 30

Introduction and Review of Procedures

Sept 2 - 6

A.4ae Solving Multi-Step Equations and Practical Problems
Multi-step equations game - practice solving multi-step equations.

Sept 9 – 13

A.4 c Properties and Solving Literal Equations
Literal Equation Jeopardy

Sept 16 - 20

A.4acef Solving Real World Equations and Unit Test
How to Solve 2 Step Equations WIth Word Problems  (video)

Sept 23-27

A.7bdc Relations and Functions Introduction;
Relations and Functions Jeopardy Game

A.6 ac Determining Slope and Graphing Linear Equations
Graphs of the Galaxy Game

Sept 30-Oct 4

A.6a Determining Slope
Slope Basketball Game
Save the Zogs! (Slope Game)

A.6c Graphing Equations and Transformations
Transformation of Linear Functions Quizizz
Unit Test
Slope Jeopardy Game - you can practice different ways to write slope by playing a jeopardy game

Oct 7 - 11

A.6b Writing linear equations in slope intercept, point-slope, and standard forms
How to write an equation in point slope form (video)
Point Slope form and slope intercept form practice

Oct 14 – 18 

A.6b Finding slope of parallel and perpendicular lines

Introduction to Desmos use code URYG8E

Oct 21-25

A.6b Writing Equations


Unit Test

Oct 28 – Nov 1

A.8 Direct Variation


A.4de Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing
System of Equations Graphing Game

Quarter 2

Nov 4– 8

A.4d Solving Systems of Equations using Elimination and Substitution
Systems of Equations - practice the elimination and substitution methods

Nov 11 – 15

A.4e Real world Problem
System of Equations Application Problems Worksheet

A.4d Solving Systems using all Methods

Nov 18 – 22

A.4de Review and Unit Test on Systems of Equations

A.2b Multiplying Monomials
Rags to Riches Game

Nov 25 - 29

A.2b Dividing Monomials
Dividing Monomials Game

***Thanksgiving Break***

Dec 2 - 6

A.2a Laws of Exponents
Exponent Rules Pirate Game - practice with exponents.

A.2bc Using Algebra tiles to model polynomial operations
NCTM Algebra Tiles Interactive Practice

A.2bc Geometric Applications of polynomial operations

Dec 9 - 13

A.2a Exponents Assessment

A.2b Multiplying and Dividing Binomials and Polynomials

Dec 16 - 20

A.2bc Polynomial Assessment


Dec 23 – Jan 3

***Winter Break***

Jan 6 - 10

A.2c Factoring GCF
Factoring the GCF of a Polynomial Practice Worksheet

A.2bc Factoring Trinomials
Factoring Practice 

Jan 13 - 17

A.2bc Review Factoring Trinomial

Jan 20 – 24


A.2bc Factoring Polynomials

Factoring Assessment

Quarter 3

Jan 27 - 31

A.1 Evaluating Expressions

A.3a Simplifying Radical Expressions

Feb 3 - 7

A.3 Multiplying and Dividing Radical Expressions
Simplifying Radical Expressions Jeopardy Game

Feb 10 - 14

A.1 Translating and Evaluating Expressions

Unit Test

A.4be Introduction to Solving Quadratic Equations

Feb 17 - 21

A.4b Graphing Quadratic equations using Vertex, Axis of Symmetry, and Desmos

A.7 Quadratic Roots

Feb 24 - 28

A.7 Quadratic Formula and Quadratic Word Problems
Quadratic Formula -  practice that you can do with the quadratic formula. The answers and worked out solutions are provided

March 2 - 6

Quadratic Equations Test

A.7abdcf Functions and Relations; Domain and Range

A.7e Function Notation
Function Notation Game

March 9 - 13

A.8 Direct and Inverse Variation
Direct and Inverse Variation Jeopardy Game

** Break due to COVID – 19***

Additional Activities

Jefferson Lab SOL - These are old SOL Test questions where you can practice questions.  You get immediate feedback. You can decide how may questions you want to do.

These following are assignments that are recommended daily.  This is would do during class time.

March 23rd - March 27th Assignments

Check e-mail for instructions for these assignments
Factoring Heart

Factoring Quadratics Mystery Puzzle

Desk Activity

Thursday March 17th and Friday March 18th
1. Check your homework solutions from last night - Do this by going to the Desmos graphing calculator and checking your answers. For the Bonus number 2, you will need to multiply those two polynomials together by using the box method or the distributive property

2. Print out the class notes

3. Watch the video and take notes as you go.

4. From your textbook do page 241 problems 1-32 and also page 242 problems 33-45.

Wednesday March 18th

Today we reviewed 1 question from our test and focused on harder function notation problems with operations.  We watched a video to explain the harder problems, then worked on some practice problems to practice this skill.  The solutions will be posted tomorrow.
Lesson to explain harder function notation problems (video)
Link to practice problems

Tuesday March 17th
 Today we are scheduled to take our test on functions and direct and inverse variation.  I have e-mailed the access to code: Please e-mail me if you run into  a glitch.

Monday March 16th
Here is a copy of the solutions to the study guide
Study Guide Parts 1 and 2 Solutions

Friday March 13th
Here is a quick video to explain a summary of class

Here is the study guide part 1 and the study guide part 2.
In addition to the study guide the test will consist of function notation