Tuesday June 2, 2020 

This week we will complete an SOL Review  Escape Room 

You will solve the clues, breakout, and review math!

Click the links to go to the "puzzles"; the puzzles/problems are used to figure out the lock codes. Write down or remember the codes for each puzzle. Lock codes are entered on the home page. Each line of the lock code will give a red error message if that lock code is incorrect. When ALL codes have been entered correctly, you will be able to submit.

If you want to receive credit, use your First Name and Last Initial so that your teacher can verify that you did it.

Go to either Teams or the email that I sent home for the link.  If you don't have either, you may email me at smithtc@pwcs.edu. 

May 26, 2020
Our lesson this week is on Order of Operations and Algebraic Expressions


Videos for Explanations and Examples – In the drop down menu, choose:

    • Virginia 2019, then
    • Blue Course 3 book
    • Chapter 1: 1.1, examples 1-4

Practice:  Big Ideas Textbook --  In the drop down menu, choose:

    • Virginia 2019, then
    • Blue Course 3 book
    • Chapter 1: 1.1, Algebraic Expressions pg. 2-7Chapter Review, pg. 43


May 19, 2020

Our lesson this week is on Simple Interest.

There are two videos for the Simple Interest Overview

simple interest video #1  - shows how to solve step by step



1.  Flocabulary - Investing Your Money

2.  Flocabulary - Credit History

Remember your class codes: 

 Core 2 9JHV9J            Core 3  NN4NNJ             Core 4  DZH84C

3. Complete a Kahoot.  Look in Teams to sign up.

4.  Complete the worksheet on Calculating Monthly Payments from Simple Interest Loans.

May 12, 2020

This week’s lesson is on Percents.


For a quick review, watch the following videos

  • Videos For Explanations And Examples

     In the dropdown menu, choose:

    • Virginia 2019, then
    • Blue Course 3 book
    • Chapter 6: Choose the sections on which you need to review—6.1, Percent Equation, 6.2, Percent Increase/Decrease, 6.3, Discount/Markup & 6.4/6.4 EXT, Simple Interest & Account Balancing, Chapter Review
  • Practice:Big Ideas Textbook

     In the dropdown menu, choose:

    • Virginia 2019, then
    • Blue Course 3 book—starting pg. 215-242 & Chapter Review, pg. 243-245

Note:  ANY assignments that require you to input your name, please use yourREAL FIRST and LAST name so that I can give you proper credit, if necessary.


1 .  Complete both sections of the Percents  (& Consumer Applications)  section in Study Island.

2.   QUIZIZZ on Percents - Go to http://joinmyquiz.com and enter the following code: 

Consumer Math 232947


Percents  572374

3.    Complete the Flocabulary assignment on Percents. 









4. Percent practice
with immediate feedback (interactive): 

5. You can also complete the following documents if you prefer to print, complete and scan: “Top Circus Restaurant” or “Principal’s Dilemma”.  Go to your Microsoft Teams assignments page or the Class Page under Files and Document folder to find the documents.

April 28,2020

Our lesson this week is on Equations.

DO NOT feel pressured to do ALL of the assignments!  Ideally, you will spend 90 minutes each week on math.  There are many assignments listed to give you a variety of activities, but you are not expected to do them all. 

REVIEW:  Want to do a quick review?  Choose any section in Chapter 1 of your textbook for videos on equations


  Study Jams video on Equation

If you need ADDITIONAL review, click on the following video links:

  • Equations with Distributive Property

  • Equations with Variables on Both Sides  


    1 .  FLOCABULARYFor extra practice on equations, go to FLOCABULARY and complete the assignments on Order of Operations, Expressions, and EquationsJust in case you DELETED the email I sent with your class code, remember to use the code for YOUR CLASS.

  •   CORE   2    Code          9JHV9J

  •  Core  3        Code         NN4NNJ

  •  Core  4        Code         DZH84C

Go to
joinmyquiz.com and enter the following code:   
1 & 2-Step equations, enter the code:     870409            Multistep Equations  enter the code:060695 OR 436873

If you would prefer to play a game, go to: (Copy & paste link if it doesn’t work)

  1. Algebra Equations game 

       2.   Big Ideas Textbook chapter 1 Review (pgs. 44 & 45):

 If you prefer to do  a project, complete the Museum Admission Mini Project. You can find a copy under Files and Documents.


April 21,2020


Please continue to complete the assignments that will help improve your grades.  You have until this coming Friday, April 24th at 3:00 pm to turn in or complete any assignment to improve your 3rd Quarter grade.  If you choose to do a retake of a Summative assessment, go to Study Island, and there are retakes in there for:

  1. Angles
  2. 3D views
  3. Transformations
  4. Pythagorean Theorem

If you are still missing a Formative assignment, you can either complete a Flocabulary or Study Island assignment to replace your NHI (0).  If you are confused how to access the assignments, email me.

For our lesson Tuesday, April 21st, we will be working on Transformations.

1.  If you need a reminder of each of the terms, watch the following video on transformations.
Study Jams video on Transformations


Go to the following site for notes:
Math is Fun Video on transformations 

If you need a more thorough review, click on each term below for the video for each of the topics.




2.  For extra practice on Transformations, go to Flocabulary and complete the assignments on Congruence & Similarity and the Coordinate Plane.  Remember to use the following codes.

Core 2   9JHV9J                  Core 3   NN4NNJ                Core 4   DZH84C

**On all of the assignments that you need codes for, use your first name and initial of last name so that I know who you are.**

3. You may also complete a quizizz on transformations.  Go to joinmyquiz.com and enter this code  020455

4.  If you feel that you would like more practice on transformations, go to student.desmos.com and enter the following code:  TYBYHG                                                  

5. When you finish practicing any of the above assignments, you may want to go to Study Island and complete the Object Transformations section.  If you do better than you initially did on the Transformations assessment, I will count it as a retake grade.

6.  In the Files and Documents section, you will also find a copy of a Transformations Mini Project that you may do to replace your grade on the Transformations assessment.

Do not feel pressured to do each of these assignments! Ideally, you should spend 90 minutes each week on math assignments.

If you would like to chat with me about what you are doing or if you have questions, go on your Microsoft Teams account anytime Tuesday between 9-10:30 am or Wednesday from 12-1:30 , and I will be logged on to answer questions through the chat feature.

Tuesday April 14th

We will be reviewing perimeter and area of irregular figures (composite figures). 

1. If you need a review on area and perimeter, watch the following video 
 (click the link)  area/perimeter video
2. Click on the following link and complete the activities at study jams   irregular figures
3. Complete the section on perimeter and area in Study Island

For those of you who like to look ahead, over the next few weeks, we will review the following topics:

April 13th   Perimeter and Area

April 20th  Transformations

April 27th  Equations

May 4th      Inequalities

May 11th    Percents (tax, tip, discounts)

May 18th    Simple Interest/Account Balancing

May 25th    Order of Operations and Evaluating Expressions

June 1st       Surface Area of prisms, cones, and pyramids

June 8th      SOL review

    Math 8 (Pre-Algebra) Instructional Calendar:

Unit 1, Real Numbers (SOL standards 8.2, 8.3 & 8.1):

August 26-30 -        Introductions and Review of Procedures
September 2-6        - SOL 8.2The Real Number System
September 9-13      - SOL 8.3Square Roots
September 16-20    - SOL 8.1Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers and Unit Test

Portaportal: --Go to 8.2, 8.2 & 8.1 to choose the topic/section you want to review

Scientific notation:

Real Number System:

Perfect Squares/Square roots:

Converting fractions to decimals:

Mixed Numbers:


Simplifying Fractions:

Standard and Scientific Notation:

Unit 2, Consumer Math (SOL standard 8.4):

September 23 – 27    - SOL 8.4 Proportional Reasoning and Percents
September 30 - Oct 4  - SOL 8.4 Percent of Change and Simple Interest
October 7 - 11         - SOL 8.4 Percents (tax, tips, discounts)
October 14 - 18       - SOL 8.4 Review Consumer Math Topics, Unit Test, Intr
oduction to Desmos

        Sales tax, tip and markup (video)
        Sales tax tip and discount practice problems (Answer Key Provided)


Consumer math 8.4 Portaportal:--Go to 8.4 to choose the topic/section you want to review

Unit 3, Algebraic Applications (SOL 8.9 & 8.14a):

October 21-25          - SOL 8.14a Order of Operations and Evaluating Algebraic Expressions
October 28 - Nov 1   - SOL 8.14b Simplifying Algebraic Expressions and Combining like terms

SOLs 8.9 and 8.14 Portaportal:

Go to 8.9 to choose the link of what you want to review or for 8.14, go to

Order of Operations:

Evaluating Expressions:

Unit 6, Equations/Inequalities(SOL standards 8.14a, 8.17 & 8.18):

November  4 - 8    - SOL 8.14b Simplifying Algebraic Expressions and 1st Qtr Benchmark
November 11-15      Unit Test;- SOL 8.17 Begin Solving Equations
November 18-22    - SOL 8.17 1 and 2 step equations
November 25 -29   - SOL 8.17 Solving multi-step equations (combining like terms & distributive property)   
***Thanksgiving Break***

December 2 – 6      - SOL 8.17 Multi-Step Equations with variables on both sides
December 9 – 13    - SOL 8.17 Translating Expressions and Equations and solving Multi-Step Equations
December 16 – 20   - SOL 8.17 Review and Test on Equations
***Winter Break****
January 6 – 10 - SOL 8.18 Solving Inequalities
January 13 – 17 - SOL 8.18 Solving Inequalities Review and Test
 click one of the activities:  Two Step Equations Jeopardy Game 
                                                           Practice solving 2-steps inequalities online

Unit 4, Geometry (SOL standards 8.5, 8.7 8.8 & 8.9) :

January 20 – 24   - SOL 8.9 Pythagorean Theorem
***End of 2nd Marking Period***
January 27 – 31   -SOL 8.9 Pythagorean Theorem Review and Test
February 3 – 7     - Benchmark and SOL 8.5 Identifying Angles and Angle Relationships
February 10 – 14  - SOL 8.5 Review and Angles test
February 17 – 21  - SOL 8.7 Transformations
February 24 – 28  - SOL 8.7 Transformations and SOL 8.8 3-D Views

Unit 5, Measurement(SOL standards 8.10 & 8.6):

March 2 – 6   - SOL 8.10 Area and Perimeter (Composite Figures)
March 9 –13   -SOL 8.10 Review andSOL 8.6a Surface Area

*** Break due to COVID-19***

Unit 7, Functions and Graphing  (SOL standards 8.16 & 8.15):  NOT COVERED
 Unit 8, Probability & Statistics  (SOL standards 8.13, 8.12 & 8.11): NOT COVERED

For a general review, access any of the following: Math 8 videos. The videos contain all of the Pre-Algebra Standards.

Click here ---for the Desmos Online Scientific Calculator


English Learners Click here for Google Translate