April 20 to 24 : Virtual lesson.....
This week, April 20th, we will work on Inequalities!   There are three skills necessary for this week:  

1. Graphing inequalities on a number line 
2. Identifying numbers in the solution set
3. Solving inequalities.

Inequalities Basic concepts:



Here's a link to a lesson on graphing inequalities 

This is a link for a solving inequalities.

Flocabulary (log in through Clever)
Also try the vocab game on the left side and the Quiz

Review Inequalities power point and practice the attached worksheets.
        2020-04-20_1-Graphing Inequalities.pptx
        2020-04-20_6.14 Inequalities.pdf
        2020-04-20_Course1-Graph Inequalities Puzzle.pdf
        2020-04-20_Course1-Solve Inequalities Puzzle.pdf
We have online textbook resources.   The textbook is accessed through Clever.com, look for a green and blue square picture that says "BIG IDEAS Learning"  to access two apps related to the textbook--videos and the book itself.
Textbook Resources for Inequalities this week.
Big Ideas Videos (Go through Clever):
Virginia 2019 Course 1 (these videos are also in Spanish)
Chapter 7, Section 7.4 Example 1, 2,3,4 
Chapter 7, Section 7.3 Example 1,2,3
Big Ideas Math Textbook (Go through Clever)
Virginia 2019 Course 1
Chapter 7.4 Writing and Graphing Inequalities
Read and Review pages 256-260
Practice p. 261-262 # 1- 39 ODD (answers can be found under "selected answers" p. 365-366)

Chapter 7.5  Solving Inequalities Using Addition and Subtraction
Read and Review p. 264-267 
Practice p. 268-269 # 1-27 ODD (answers can be found under "selected answers" p. 366)
Pictures of this work emailed to me will be counted as extra credit towards homework missed in the third marking period.(on (or) before April 23)
Kahoot (Equations)   https://kahoot.it/   Please use your first name in your user name,    Kahoots are available until April 26th, 8 PM.
Challenge PIN: 08323040
Try Study Island/6th grade: (go through Clever) 10 practice questions each
2c.  Compare and Order Integers (6.2.b)
6c.  Linear Inequalities (6.14.a; 6.14.b)