April 27 to May 01 : Virtual lesson.....
This week, April 27th, we will work on Integer Operations and Modelling!   These  are the skills we are going to review...  

1. Add, subtract, multiply, and divide  integers.
2. Solve practical problems involving  operations with integers.
3. Simplify numerical expressions involving Integers

Integers Basic concepts:
Here's a link to a lesson on Add,subtract,multiply and divide integers.

This is a link for a solving practical problems involving integers.

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Also try the vocab game on the left side and the Quiz

Practice the attached worksheets.

2020_04_27_Microsoft Word - Adding Integers Color By Numbers.docx.pdf
We have online textbook resources.   The textbook is accessed through Clever.com, look for a green and blue square picture that says "BIG IDEAS Learning"  to access two apps related to the textbook--videos and the book itself.
Textbook Resources for Integer operations and modelling this week.
Big Ideas Videos (Go through Clever):
Virginia 2019 Course 1 (these videos are also in Spanish)
Chapter 2, Section 2.1 Example 1 2,3 
Chapter 2, Section 2.2 Example 1,2,3
Chapter 2, Section 2.3 Example 1,2,3,4

Big Ideas Math Textbook (Go through Clever)
Virginia 2019 Course 1
Chapter 2.1 Adding integers
Read and Review pages 36-37 Practice page38,  problems # 1- 39  

Chapter 2.2  Subtracting integers
Read and Review pages 41-43 
Practice page 44, # 1-32 

Chapter 2.3  Multiplying and Dividing integers 
Read and Review pages 46-49 
Practice page 50, # 1-33

Kahoot (Equations)   https://kahoot.it/   Please use your first name in your user name,    Kahoots are available until May 3rd, 8 PM.
Challenge PIN: 05234821
Try Study Island/6th grade: (go through Clever) 10 practice questions each
3c.  Compute with Integers (6.6.a; 6.6.b)