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2020-2021 Specialty Program Information

Transition to High School Presentation
 (3 Part Narrated Video by Mr. Davison)

 - Students are encouraged to listen to all three parts of this presentation.  It has been broken up into chunks, so that students can listen to them at their convenience.)

Part I (Links to an external site.): This video discusses the Transition to High School, including social and academic information that will be relevant to navigating high school life.   Here you will find information about graduation requirementsdiploma types, and a discussion on credits, transcripts, and more! (~ 16 mins)

Part II: (Links to an external site.)This video discusses the High School Specialty Programs that are available throughout the county.  Students will be given a brief overview of each program, along with suggestions to help students figure out what programs might be relevant to them. (~ 15 minutes)

Part III (Links to an external site.):  This video discusses the Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs that are available throughout the county.  Information is also given regarding the JROTC programs.  Finally, students will learn how to access the high school specialty program application.  (~23 minutes)

After viewing all of the presentations, please take the quick ungraded QUIZ!  This helps us improve our lessons, and make sure students are receiving the information they need.