Rippon Middle School

How Code Orange Impacts Instruction and Operations

How Code Orange Impacts Instruction and Operations

When a Code Orange is called, school and office buildings are closed. Students participate in an

asynchronous learning day and non-essential employees work remotely. This code will be used when

weather conditions are marginal and impacting road or sidewalk safety conditions but are not so severe

as to cause substantial impacts. On such days, buildings will not open. Code Orange may also be used in

lieu of days that in previous years were delayed openings.

Important Non-Instructional Considerations During Code Orange:

• School buildings and office buildings are closed.
• Business operations that can be conducted remotely will continue.
• Buses will not operate.
• The School Age Child Care (SACC) program will not open.
• All in-person school activities (day and evening) are canceled including field trips, team practices,
club meetings, interscholastic contests, and athletic contests.
• All non-school activities (day and evening) are canceled including Adult Education, night school
classes, community use including recreational programs scheduled in school buildings. Special
exceptions may be made by the level associate superintendent in collaboration with the director
of student activities.
• Remote (virtual) extracurricular activities may occur.
Important Instructional Considerations During Code Orange:
• Students enrolled in the PWCS Virtual Academy, Virtual Prince William, and Virtual Virginia,
should follow their schedule.
• In-person and live virtual classes will not occur.
• Students should use the day to work asynchronously on assignments related to curriculum
previously taught, which will be accessible via Canvas.
• All instructional staff will be available remotely per their posted office hours, each school/teacher
will provide the specific times.
• Teachers will use non-office hours to grade assignments, participate in any asynchronous or
synchronous professional development that may have been scheduled for that day.
• For elementary schools, the day following a Code Red or Code Orange will follow the schedule of
the day missed. This will primarily affect what “specials” or “encore” classes would be taken on
the day of return
• For middle and high schools, the day following a Code Red or Code Orange will be the day missed.
For example, if today is a Code Red or Code Orange and it is an “even day,” and we return to
school tomorrow, students will attend “even day” classes.
• If a student requires access to digital resources to work asynchronously and forgot their school
issued device, they may use another device or phone to access most applications online including
Canvas and
• Any family needing assistance with home internet may contact their school to receive a school issued take home “hotspot.”