Flamingo Challenge May 2020
Posted on 05/12/2020

Your mission if you choose to take it:

  1. See how long you can balance on one foot. Once you feel like you are comfortable with it, time yourself, have a family member time you, video tape you if you want. See how long you can stand on one foot without the other foot falling to the ground or you are falling over.

  2. Once you think you given it your best shot and timed it, make a sign, hold it up and on the sign put your name, your PE teacher, and have an adult family member either stand with you in the picture, or sign it as proof that it is legit. You can also videotape and record your time as well.

  3. Creativity is appreciated. Do not be afraid to be unique, add music to your videos, or maybe do the challenge outside etc…

  4. Submit your pictures, and information to your PE teacher. These are due by May 22nd 2020.

There will be winners per grade level, boy/girl and an overall winner will be announced.

If you have any questions, please email your PE teacher.

Best of luck!

The ability to balance on one leg for 20 seconds is a sign of a healthy brain