In most states, you can start earning high school credits in middle school. Discover five tips to consider when planning your school year.

Attention Students & Parents/Guardians,

In accordance with Virginia state regulations, PWCS Regulation 661-2, Section VII, permits parents of students
who take a high school credit bearing course in middle school to request that the grade be omitted from the student's high school transcript and the student not earn high school credit for the course.

High school credit bearing courses at Rippon include the following: Spanish 1, French 1, Pre-AP Algebra 1, and Pre-AP Geometry.

If you wish to have a grade expunged for a high school credit bearing course taken in middle school, your parent/guardian must complete the Request to Expunge High School Courses Taken in Middle School Form (Links to an external site.),” that is located at:$file/Regulation%20662-2-Attachment%20III.pdf (Links to an external site.). Please submit the completed form to the principal, Scott Bergquist at 

Please see below for a letter that provides more information. Please reach out to your counselor if you have any questions. 

     Attachment 661-1-118 Expungement Letter - English (Links to an external site.)

       Attachment 661-1-118 Expungement Letter - Arabic (Links to an external site.)

       Attachment 661-1-118 Expungement Letter - Chinese (Links to an external site.)

       Attachment 661-1-118 Expungement Letter - Farsi (Links to an external site.)

       Attachment 661-1-118 Expungement Letter - Korean (Links to an external site.)

       Attachment 661-1-118 Expungement Letter - Spanish (Links to an external site.)

       Attachment 661-1-118 Expungement Letter - Urdu (Links to an external site.)

       Attachment 661-1-118 Expungement Letter - Vietnamese


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Dear Rising Grade 6th, 7th & 8th Parents and Students,

Crosby Middle School / Homepage

We hope that you are getting through this challenging time. We have been steadily moving ahead and making plans for the 2021-2022 School year. We are expecting that students will be returning to the building 5 days a week. It is our hope that the NEWSLETTERS will give you all of the information needed to make informed decisions with your student regarding classes for the next school year. You must fill in the Academic Advising form located at the bottom of the newsletter by 04.26.2021 in order for us to create your preliminary schedules. Please note that we will do our best to honor your selection on the academic advising form (course requests), but due to class restrictions and available spacing, we may not be able to honor all of them. If you need help filling out the form or have any questions about course selection, please email your counselor. 

Newsletter for Rising 6th Graders
Newsletter for Rising 7th Graders
Newsletter for Rising 8th Graders (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.Newsletter for Rising 8th Graders

We look forward to working with you to create a schedule that will help you excel!

Attention Students/Parents & Guardians, 


If you are interested in having your parents sign you up for In-Person Summer School take a moment to look over thedownloadthat contains all of the information needed to sign up for Summer School.  There is a deadline of April 30th for all the programs.  There will be a late registration that will open up in May, but keep in mind spacing is limited for some of the programs and late registration may not be guaranteed.

 Student Concern? We are here to help!

Please e-mail your counselor directly (see below):

Counseling Dept

If you have a concern about your student, please feel free to contact your grade level counselor.  Parents/students can request a meeting below or email us directly:

Aida Hernandez
Counseling Director:

Ms. Aida Hernandez

Twitter: @AHernandez_RPMS

Ms. Rapcavage

6th Grade Counselor:
Ms. Suzanne Rapcavage

Twitter: @CounselorM678 

 6th: Last Names: A-P

Ms. Arensberg
7th & 8th Grade Counselor:
Ms. Carly Arensberg

Twitter:  @CArensberg_RPMS

7th: Last Names: A-K
8th: Last Names: T-Z

Ms. Osei
6th & 7th Grade Counselor:
Ms. Magdalen Osei-Brantuo

Twitter: @MOsei_RPMS

6th: Last Names: Q-Z
7th: Last Names: L-Z

Mr. Davison
 8th Grade Counselor:
Mr. Jeremy "Jake" Davison

Twitter: @DavisonRpms

8th: Last Names: A-S

Ms. Sandra Alswayan


Counseling Newsletters for Students and Parents


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