Student Attendance, Absences, Excuses, and Tardies

Virginia law provides that all children of compulsory attendance age are expected to attend school each day that school is in session, unless otherwise excused under School Board policy, regulation, and the compulsory attendance laws. All explanations of absences must be received by the school no later than the fifth day after the absence. Failure to produce an appropriate explanation for an unverified absence by the fifth day shall result in an unexcused classification (UAB) unless the explanation of absence has been accepted by the principal by that time.  

How To Report An Absence: 

  • Parents may report an absence via email at Any email asking to excuse an absence or tardy must come from the parent's email. Anything sent from the student's email address will not be accepted.   
  • ParentVue should be used to report full-day absences for the current day and/or future days (up to 30 days in advance).  
  • Hand-written notes or doctor’s notes can also be dropped off to the front office. A note must include a parent's signature.  
  • If you need to have your student dismissed early, you do not need to call or email the office in advance. Once you arrive at the office, and your I.D. has been verified against the emergency contact list, your student will be called to the office for dismissal.   

See Regulation 724-1 for procedures and regulations related to attendance, absences, excuses, and tardies.