Counseling Lessons

 Counseling Curriculum Lessons by Grade Level:

6th Grade Lessons: 

Academic Advising and Vision Meeting Counselor Presentation (ACP) 

  • Complete ACP/Vision survey found in Naviance  • Middle School Success 

Introduction to Naviance: Required Tasks:   

  • Create one goal in middle school and add to Naviance 

Technology: Choices and Consequences:  

  • Recognize bullying behaviors and identify resource people in school and how to seek their help. 

7th Grade Lessons: 

  • Academic Advising and Vision Meeting  
  • Complete Vision\Post lesson Survey found in Naviance. 
  • Signs of Suicide (w/ Screening) Delivery required Semester 1 
  • Pause Before You Post 
  • Sexual Harassment: Flirting or Hurting 5. Recommended: Communicate ACP with families

8th Grade Lessons: 

  • Academic Advising and Vision Meeting Counselor Presentations
  • Complete ACP/Vision/Game Plan Survey found in Naviance 
  • Strengths Explorer – Lesson:  Naviance Self Assessment 
  • Thomas Jefferson High School Application
  • Transition to High School / High School Specialty Programs
    • This lesson will cover the social and academic consideration of the transition to high school.  Students will also get a complete overview of the high school specialty program process, and all of the available programs that are offered.  Mr. Davison will be putting this lesson out in Mid-October. 
  • Specialty program; Utilizing VA Wizard/Naviance “Course Planner” to see course offerings at feeder high school; can assemble mock-academic plan 
  • Healthy Relationships: (Healthy Relationships) This lesson covers helping students learn the difference between healthy and toxic social relationships.